Lore Machine User Manual

Story Visualization System
Welcome to Lore Machine's User Manual - a step-by-step guide to using the world's most powerful story visualization system. Let's start from the top!
Lore Machine is a web application that transforms story text into multimedia. Writers can input a novel, screenplay, podcast transcript or even song lyrics. Lore Machine synthesizes this text and generates galleries of art, with persistent character, location and style, all in narrative sequence!
At the helm of Lore Machine, a screenwriter can generate a storyboard, an author can build a graphic novel, a journalist can develop a set of article assets and a podcaster can produce an animation…all just with text!
If you are ready to turn your story text into a multimedia treasure trove, this guide is for you!
If you get lost along the way, just drop into our Discord.
Here is Lore Machine's Spokesentity Carl sharing our vision...