Story Visualization Credit System
To render your story text into a visual experience takes the work of real humans, and infrastructural resources. To cover our costs, we have built a credit system geared to make Lore Machine accessible to as many writers as possible.
A single credit governs both text synthesis and media generation. With 20 bucks you can visualize 27 short stories, 5 film scripts or 2 entire novels. Not too shabby!
V2 of Lore Machine has an all-new subscription model available to all writers:
Let's have some fun seeing how these credits play out in different story visualization scenarios!
Short story - 13 Credits
You've written a short story and want to create an Instagram slide show. Nice! An average short story is 4,000 words. That's 8 tokens of text synthesis. Let's say you want 5 images out of that short story - that's 5 tokens. Your total token expenditure is 13 tokens.
Film Script - 80 Credits
You just completed a film script and want to ignite the imagination of studios with a beautiful storyboard. Showtime! The average film script is 30,000 words. That's 60 tokens. It feels like 20 images will help those execs buy off on your glorious vision. That's 20 Tokens. So in all, that will run you 80 tokens total.
Novel - 190 Credits
You went IN and cranked out a whole novel. Now it's time to give it some flare. The average novel is 80,000 words. That's 160 Tokens for text synthesis. Let's sprinkle 30 images into that story. That runs you 30 tokens. Total token expenditure is 190 Tokens.