Visual Artists

An AI System That Pays Independent Artists
Lore Machine is on a mission to help artists benefit from the boom in generative technology.
Without the contributions from and compensation to independent artists, Lore Machine is nothing. This is reflected in how we built our system and in every step of the user experience.
The first stop after writers synthesize their story is the Preset Palace page, which gives writers the option to pick between eight house styles.
Over the next month, we will be releasing hundreds of hand-crafted styles. Many of these will be built in partnership with our favorite artists. Some of these presets will cost money, much the same way you can buy a typeface! Writers can pay a one-time fee for a limited preset license.
Artists who lend their styles to a preset will receive 100% of these proceeds.
Please email us at [email protected] if you are an artist interested in having your work in our Preset Palace.