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Lore Machine is built for creative people who are passionate about transforming their ideas into visual experiences.
We call our community Writers (duh). But it's a broader group than you think...

Screenwriters & Film Developers

Lore Machine can help sell a script, build consensus with a crew / production stakeholders and even pre-visualize an entire production!


Providing a visual accompaniment to your stories can increase readership, and even encourage the adaptation of your work into different formats.

Digital Storytellers

Whether you're a fan fiction writer on Wattpad or a fiction writer on Substack, translating your text into a multimedia format can amplify your story.


Podcasts are one of the most important sources of modern folklore! Lore Machine can quickly convert voice transcriptions into visual experiences for distribution as audio-visuals across social platforms.


Writing can be lonely! If you would like to meet other people thinking about the future of storytelling on the Internet, drop into our Discord. It's a magical multiplayer realm filled with writers from around the world sharing their creations!
If you'd like to get in touch just email [email protected].