Our Merry Band of Storytellers

Core System Team

Thobey Campion - Founder
Moises Sanabria - Chief Prompt Officer
Kutlu Mizrak - Director of Natural Language Processing
And a tip o' the hat to Piero Pailungua, Lore Machine's original NLP Engineer

Thank You

Will Peets, NZVC, Georgio Constantinou and Jesse Grushack at DAO Jones, The Lab at Anonymous Content, Ryan Freeman, Jesse Meighan, James Young and Anjali Young at Collab.Land, Stav and Prof from HEAT, Todd Terrazas at FBRC, Purnendu Mukherjee at Convai, Nick Adler at MNTGE, Ben Anderson, Ben Jackendoff, Jumoke Fernandez, Jonathan Montaos, Daniel Oberhaus at Haus Biographics, Mort Garson, Ben Palmer and Aubrey Anderson at New Computer Corporation, Kelly Seagram, Eric Tu and Jaeson Ma at OP3N, Jess Sloss and Josh Cornelius at Seed Club, Josh Minney at NVIDIA, Peter Csathy, Emmanuel Martinez, and Lyonel Pierce.